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The Cult started in either April or March 2018 (I can't remember) with one day.

In what would become our church, all 5 of the original Cult members (Sam, Lucas, Eddie, Jaryd and Patrick)

held out their arms, because T-Posing was a small meme at the time.

After doing it for 5 minutes, our mentour (Anderson) held out his arms in unison,

saying "What are you guys doing?" and we all just laughed for a while.

This would spin off into tomats, Life Water™, clapping whenever we hear Epiano, and the eventual website to archive all of this.

A newer spin-off of The Cult emerged in Winter 2018 based around For The Longest Time. This will not replace The Cult as The Cult is way bigger than this small group.

On 10/30/19, the Former Cult Leader was replaced by me (Lucas) and subsequently banished. I will not go into the reasons out of his privacy obviously.

Following this will be a lot of changes that have already or are going to be happening.


Before The Cult went into it's first limbo, I (Lucas) had thought we should make a website to archive our Cult for people to follow.

Though, I also thought it was too expensive.

But I was watching a youtube video and it showcased a website made with Neocities, so I looked it up and it was basically just like Geocities,

letting us make our website for free.

So I got straight to work, and on June 24th the first version of the website went up.


The Original 5

The original 5 includes Sam, Eddie, Lucas, Patrick and Jaryd

The ones that started The Cult.

Gen 1

Gen 1 includes all of the people added in Spring 2018

Basically the ones that the Original 5 added in after we had the idea for a cult.

Gen 2

Gen 2 includes all of the people added Summer 2018

They were going to be part of Gen 1 but they either weren't worthy yet or were a tenor when we had a rule that only Basses could join.

Gen 3

Gen 3 includes all people we added in September 2018

We added them right after we came out of limbo and needed more members to fill the Middle Plane.

Gen 4

Gen 4 includes all of the people added Fall and Winter 2018

These people joined because they found out about the website one way or another.

Gen 5

Gen 5 is just a group of people we added from Spring and Summer 2019


Archives of our website