/ Cult Overseer's Secret Sector

Congratulations. You have found the Secret Sector of


For this secret, it is from me, the Cult Overseer after being Second in Command for a long time.

This group was great. It hit it's peak long ago though, and while we will never get those times back,

in a way I kind of hope to never go back there. Some things are better left in the past, and the impact this group has made to many lives because of its past is really suprising.

Who would have though a group based around a meme that was pretty unfunny even when it first came out would become to prolific, even if to a few?

Anyways, you're probably not here for a monolouge from me, maybe want something else. Well, there's something I never really released this entire time...

Version 2.5

This is a picture of a version I was going to release, and maybe it would stay the theme today if I did. It also has a different logo.

I still like the theme, it's simplisitic and is more serious than the Heaven's Gate/Angelfire kinda inspired theme we have now. That's not saying this theme is bad, it's just theres a tradeoff.

Thank you for your time in the Secret Sector. If it is not what you wanted you can always go back.