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Life Waterâ„¢

Life Water is our sole form of, well, life.

We open them, and when we hear that tssst from the bottle, we know we have to share it with everyone.

Of course, you can take some for yourself.

Life Waterâ„¢ is guarenteed always clean. Even when a water crisis happens and all of the water is polluted with little blades of grass.

Eating Food

We all know you have to eat food to live, so why not do it any time?

You should especially eat food when you juss gotta do it. No matter if that time is during a fire or when you juss gotta.

Our favorite food is tomats and potats. Tomats are just tomatoes, whole or souped.

Potats are just french fries when people are too lazy to do simple tasks, such as taking the skin of the potato off.

Potats have now come a rarity as they have removed them entirely, not allowing us to have them anymore.


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