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Don't know if this will be used or not, but because Neocities' archive system is very complicated, here are the early versions, since I have them.

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Version 1

This was made in a day, in about 25 minutes. I had little prior knowledge to HTML then, and my only experience was a small site about 3 years ago.

I had finished it right before I went to the first Cult Meeting we had after we went into limbo.

Version 2

Cant remember when this was finished (maybe a week after V1), but I knew it needed to be updated so I literally just searched "90's website design" into google and copied the color pallete.

Version 3

The info here is the same as V2, but with a website design that I think is unique to The Cult's website. This is the early design of the design I have chosen today. Made maybe a month or 2 after V2.

Version 4

No archive because there would be no point. Came a while after v3 because of a website clean-up, and while I was doing that decided to add some things I thought was cool.

Version 5

No archive because there would be no point. Came after a lot of updates in v4 and removed a lot of stuff from earlier versions.

(No picture because I dont have any files of it anymore. Maybe I will dig through the Neocities archiving system in the future.)

Version 6

Current version.