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 Sam's photos 

Official Bassifist Flag for T.H.E Cult

Us asserting our dominance while gathering next to some bear thing

Sam (cult leader)

PatL while visiting the Grand Canyon

Sal becoming Santa

Me (Lucas) on the roof of my house

One of our gatherings

What Thuan and Jason put on the leaderboards of a pirate game

Website on my computer

Running version 4 of the website.

Life Waterâ„¢ ad

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The fish in your throat

Lucas (me) finding an absurdly large Lays chip.

This must have been sent to us for a reason. Features Jaryd, Lucas, and Diego

There is also a picture of Myron and Elijah t-posing for the school yearbook but it was a one time showing and didn't actually end up in the yearbook. Consider it lost media.