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The website of the Bassifists.

Status: Extended Limbo

Main Information:

Well, "The Cult h e" Cult has gone into indefinite limbo after inactivity.

This website has created so many great things for a lot of people, and while the group itself will stay active,

we will not be trying to get anyone else in or try to do extended activities. So not as much of a "closing" as it seems.

Maybe there will be some more updates to the website, but it will not be frequent as we are not trying to be anymore.

Everyone in who is in The Cult or who was formerly in The Cult thanks you for your support, including but not limited to these Neocities followers:

elementz, owltech, beetletee, dissolvedgirl, andnow, neatofficial, pharzor, puppiesworld, wielant, personally-comfy, echofavor, quesadillawizard,

wacky-jackie, yoohoosearch, yudosai, myonlinepityparty, allyratworld, machine-cat, billsworld, saikai, qpschool, macrosofa, and accessiblepain.

Also to the 45,403 views from people who stopped in once or twice. And we can't forget about the people who contacted us online to join: Zer0, Vortex, UroŇ°, Simon, and Steven.

It's been a really good two years, and this site will be something you can look through as an archive to that. Perhaps we will come back in the future...?

(PS. there is a secret somewhere on the website)

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