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Older Updates for the year 2020

This is all the regular updates we put in the last year of, 2020. All three of them.

Know that some information is out of date.

Updates in 2019

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February 28, 2020

Welcome to another episode of Cult News.

Jaryd has come up with a better name than Cult Leader for me - Cult Overseer.

That is awesome.

Next year I will try for Emperor so I can further spread The Cult.

Considering the fact there was only one candidate for this year, it should be easy.

I will see you next time I come in, maybe I will do a full update of the website again.

January 16, 2020

The saurians are chipping us - Sam

ι€ƒγ’γ‚‹γ‚“γ γ‚ˆ, γ‚Ήγƒ’γƒΌγ‚­γƒΌ - Joshua

January 1, 2020

Happy new year from bassifists to all people!

This year was very exiciting not for THE Cult in particular but for all of us I think.

Lots of new things and experiences happened for all of us, for better or for worse,

but we all hope this year and decade is better in every way to the last one.